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Are you a woman or man?
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Are you cute?
Where do you live?
For calculating your happiness factor based on sun hours ;)
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This questionnaire runs on various websites and is battle proved. About 100.000 happy users were attracted in a modern way.
Tom Hanoldt, Creative-Workflow
Thank you =)
Thank you =)

Ah sorry ...I didn`t implement the contact form submission ...please write me an email tom@creative-workflow.berlin.

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This jquery.formslider integrates a modified Flexslider with logical slide pages that can have features and behaviors provided by plugins.

The main goal is to have different actions triggered depending on what type the actual slide page is. You can stop going forward when a formula is invalid for example.

The Library is very small, performance optimized, full responsive and touch capable. You can easily write you own plugins and implement custom slide behavior.


  • responsive
  • touch gestures
  • all configurable
  • easy to extend
  • plugin architecture
  • many plugins available
  • automated tests
  • high code quality
  • many customers
  • free to use
  • open source
  • many contributors
  • browser history
  • google tracking
  • formula validation
  • animate.css
  • high performance
  • mobile optimizations
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